15 October 2014

The Hope Flat Tour | Bedroom

People keep saying that the size of the bedroom doesn't matter, as I won't spend much time in there... Yes, that's true, but what people don't understand is how much clothes I own. I have to share a wardrobe with Alex... THAT'S IT. Back at my parent's house, I have one huge wardrobe, the tall chest of drawers (also in the photo), plus TWO chest of drawers. Bloggers, feel for me right now.

Anyway, welcome to the first in a series of 'Hope' flat tours (linked with the name of the building without giving too much away. Clever eh.). First up - the bedroom!

Bedside table: Ikea | Bed frame: Second hand | Bedding: George at Asda

Wardrobe and chest of drawers: Ikea

Alarm clock: Achica | Table lamp: Ikea

Photo frame: The Range

Photo frame: Debenhams | Window netting: Ikea

Bedding: George at Asda

Moving on from the negativity, we've decided not to do a great deal for the bedroom and there's no point. I adore the photo frame I found in The Range as it's just so 'us'. I also bought a 'memories' pin/clip board from the Next sale which will go up over the bed soon.

All our bedding (both sets) are from George at Asda. As much as I love the mint green one (mainly due to the colour) it doesn't keep the duvet in place very well, so I much prefer to use the patchwork quilt.

We also can't wait to change the bed... This was only bought second hand for £40 (the frame that is) but we really want to buy an Ottoman bed... Storage, hello!

Also, excuse the broken things, such as the bedside lamp. Typically that's on my side and I actually read in bed, but hey. Ikea came in handy for a little alternative for the time-being! I don't think we'll fix that though. I'd rather put up with it and spend the extra money on something decent... Like a Friday night takeaway... Or a new bag...


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Yazzys Corner said...

Well I have to disagree with people who say that the size of your bedroom doesn't matter. I've had my little box room for over 10 years of my life and I have to say that it's very difficult! I cannot wait for the day to come when I can have by own home with a walk in wardrobe.

Yazmin xx

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