22 December 2014

Let's Go Lashes in Tease 1 | Review

Let's Go Lashes in Tease 1* - £6.50

At university, I used to apply false lashes when I could be bothered. Nowadays, I never wear them as I can never be bothered. I used to find them really fiddly, the glue went everywhere and then one side would hang off your eyelid after a few hours... So much effort! Saying that, I used to love how my eye make-up looked when I wore some, as I felt very glam and ready for the night ahead!

When I received these glamourous strip lashes by Nouveau Lashes in the post, I thought I would give them a go to see if I could change my mind regarding the putting the effort in!

Excuse the eyebrows! Pre-Brow Bar visit much.

Let's Go Lashes says that the 'Tease' range is seductive, intensive and ruthless. Oo er. Well these lashes definitely do kick a punch! You can't miss how big these lashes are, seriously. The length on these are so good and really help to create a glam nighttime look. I think they look quite natural compared to a lot of false eyelash ranges out there. They purely give you great length and volume, which I love.

I thought the process of applying them was easier than I remember. After applying the glue onto the lashes and letting it go tacky, I applied it using my fingers (and then a pair of tweezers as I remembered it's easier this way!) and they seemed to stay on the upper lash line really well.

I always apply eyeliner on top, as I haven't mastered the technique to make sure the glue doesn't show up... But to be honest you could go without if you want a slightly more natural look.

Although I could feel the lashes near my eyebrows, because they are so damn long, they didn't exactly annoy me and they stayed on well. I didn't have the dreaded 'hanging lash' or need to reapply any glue, which was great!

After I removed them, they were still in good condition so I reckon I could reuse these again too.

I do really like the Let's Go range of eyelashes (and they've got so many other versions to choose from - some more dramatic than others so there's something for everyone), but I wouldn't say I'm a false lash convert just yet. I think I just need more practice... And I don't think Alex would like it if I wore these! It's not exactly 'me'. However, I'll definitely remember these if I have an uber glamourous night planned or perhaps a fancy dress night, as they did the job perfectly.

What do you think of falsies?

Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free to review. All views and opinions are my own.


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