04 December 2014

The Hope Flat Tour | Lounge

The lounge is easily my favourite room of the flat. Yes, the mould may be forming by the windows (seriously, I give up now), but in general, I love how homely and cosy the room is. It's SO spacious as well, which makes up for our tiny kitchen, bedroom and bathroom!

We're actually really lucky and have been given some lovely housewarming gifts for the lounge, and as we started purchasing various items of furniture a few months before we moved, most of it is new to us and exactly what we wanted.

Considering the fact we are thinking about moving (AGAIN) in the next few months, I thought it would be best to share this now! It's been a while... It's a pretty long post and photo heavy too ;)

DFS sofa | Cushions from DFS, Habitat, Cath Kidston and Next | BHS throw | BHS canvas

We finally got our lovely new sofa from DFS and we love it SO much. It's much more comfortable and cosy, and it adds a nice bit of colour to our lounge. Luckily, the cushions we bought go quite nicely with it. We received two plain beige cushions from DFS with the sofa.

The cat cushion was a housewarming gift from my sister, which we stumbled across whilst buying paint in Homebase... It's actually by Habitat and I pretty much fell in love with it as soon as I spotted it. I've owned the Cath Kidston cushion for a few years now, but you can't go wrong with that floral pattern! The patchwork cushion is a Next sale find from last year.

As for the multicoloured knitted throw, this was a housewarming present from my brother and sister-in-law and is so soft and warm! We've since discovered that you can buy it in BHS :)

Sass and Belle wall hanging | Argos TV unit | Next vase | Vintage storage trunk

The Sass and Belle wall hanging is actually a photo frame but I really like the floral patterns in it, so I've left them in! The TV unit is gorgeous and, although it was a nightmare to put together, it's one of my favourite pieces of furniture. We also fancied adding some twig lights to the mix, and found this Next vase which is just perfect.

The rug is from Ikea (standard) and helps us to cover up the horrid carpet. I think Alex is proud of his vintage trunk find though. This is something we both really wanted for our coffee table, and he found this on eBay for £40! It's got a few marks and scratches on it, but that just adds to its character.

I also couldn't resist buying some old school advert coasters (including a certain controversial Golden Shred ad)!

IKEA table | Next vase | The Range photo frame

In our little homely corner lives our vinyl record player, my jewellery box, another Next vase (I couldn't resist!) to name a few. You can tell how long these photos have been sat waiting to be published by the calendar!

I absolutely love showcasing photos properly, and so I had to buy this montage frame from The Range so we can add some special photos of our families and friends.

IKEA bookcases | The Range clock | Sass and Belle cases | Roberts digital radio

We originally bought one of these bookcases from IKEA, but I ended up running up again a week later to purchase another... We desperately needed the storage!

I'd like this area to be tidier but, as we need storage, everything has just been thrown onto it really. However, the Sass and Belle set of cases really help to hide various items (like cables - who wants to see those out?!) so the area looks more presentable. I've also realised that I own way too many cookbooks and notepads for this little space...

Marvel canvas from The Range | Disney canvas from TK Maxx | The Range mirror | IKEA storage

We had a big empty space on this wall, and I didn't really want to add even more photos! As Marvel and Disney fans, these canvas prints seemed to be a good option!

I love this freestanding mirror from The Range - as our bedroom is tiny, it currently lives in the corner next to my IKEA makeup storage. Not ideal but I guess it helps when I have to get ready for work early in the morning.

Argos table and chair set | Le Creuset jug | IKEA coasters and mats

The space saving table and chairs set isn't the comfiest to use, but it definitely does the job in the space we have. It only cost £50 as well! I do love having flowers in the flat, and I tend to use my Le Creuset jug to hold them. Yes, yet another jug/vase, but as it's my favourite colour, it's currently our centrepiece!

We've also got some little bits and pieces for the windowsills, including some fake flowers and milk bottle from IKEA, and cute storage jars from Home Bargains!

If you've spotted anything in the photos that I haven't highlighted or listed, just comment below! :)

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