11 February 2015

Bodega Cantina in Worcester | Review

Bodega Cantina in Worcester

Alex and I were invited to check out the new Bodega Cantina restaurant in Worcester - a fab South American restaurant offering fresh, authentic street food and cocktails. I've heard great things about the original Birmingham branch so we were pretty excited to try out the menu... Especially since it was our second anniversary too!

Bodega Cantina in Worcester

On first look, we absolutely loved the decor - I wanted to steal the duck egg blue dining chair Alex was sitting on! I felt too rude taking photos of the decor as it was quite a busy Friday night in Bodega. It's got quite a laid back feel to it but you didn't feel crowded or too close to other people even when it started getting busy. We had our own space to enjoy the evening.

Bodega Cantina in WorcesterBodega Cantina in Worcester
Bodega Cantina in Worcester

It took us a while to decide what to have from the cocktail menu. There was so much to choose from! In the end, Alex choose a Brum Runner (rum mixed with banana, blackberry liqueur, pineapple juice, fresh lime and molasses syrup) which he really enjoyed. He's not much of a fan of rum but, even though it was pretty strong with the alcohol, he drank the lot and preferred his cocktail to mine. I had the Raspberry Caipirinha (Cachaca, muddled with raspberries, limes , sugar and raspberry liqueur) - again, my cocktail was heavy on the alcohol but it was lovely and quite refreshing to drink.

After food, I also ordered a Peruvian Wiseguy (Pisco shaken with grapefruit, lemon and elderflower liqueur). I prefer fruity cocktails, so I thought the mixture of grapefruit, lemon and elderflower would work for me. Unfortunately it was a bit too lemony for me, but I still drank it! I think I started to get a little bit too drunk to care...

Bodega Cantina in Worcester
Bodega Cantina in Worcester
Bodega Cantina in Worcester

For food, we went for meals from the Large Plates section because, hey, we were hungry. I had the Bodega Burrito - a street food burrito filled with smoky BBQ beef brisket, rice, black bean and cheese, with a side of sweet potato fries. This was SO good. You can choose how hot you want it, and I chose Medium which was pretty risky. Luckily, I managed it but I think I'd prefer to go for mild next time. Sweet potato fries are potentially my favourite thing ever too.

Alex chose the Bodega Chilli, which included a hint of dark chocolate, rice and homemade tortilla chips. This tasted really good, as the chocolate created a richer flavour to the chilli without being overpowering. The homemade tortillas were great too!

We also ordered a side of Red Wine Glazed Chorizo. This was so tasty, with sliced sautéed chorizo, peppers and red onion in a red wine sauce. There wasn't much chorizo to go around both of us, but it was still delicious. I ended up dipping my sweet potato fries in the sauce because it was SO nice.

Bodega Cantina in Worcester

For dessert, I really wanted to try to Alfajores - Argentinian shortbread biscuits filled with dulce de leche and served with toffee ice cream - but they didn't have any available. GUTTED. So instead, I chose the Chilli Chocolate Brownie and Alex chose the Churros.

The chocolate brownie was delicious and melted in your mouth, but it was way too hot for me. The 'hint' of chilli really hurt my throat! I was able to swap the rum and raisin ice cream for toffee ice cream though, which was lovely and helped to cool me down. The warm churros were also pretty good. Alex did say that he prefers them with some sugar on, but luckily the rich caramel sauce did help bring some extra sweetness to it!

All in all, we really enjoyed our visit to Bodega. It's got a great feel to the place, we didn't have to wait too long for food, and when it arrived it didn't disappoint. If you like South American food, you'll love the place. If you love hot food, I'd be careful of some aspects to the menu and don't be too risky like I was! We'll definitely visit again one day - Nachos and Alfajores (and Burritos again, I'm sure) are definitely on our list!

Disclaimer: I was invited to review the restaurant for free. All views and opinions are my own.


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