25 February 2015

My Travelodge stay | Review

Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring

It's fair to say that a lot of people have negative views on Travelodges. Personally, I've never had a horrible experience in a Travelodge. In fact, they've all been pleasant.

I was invited to try out the Travelodge last month, and so I decided to see what Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring was like, especially since its refurbishment and 'new look'. I've stayed at the Travelodge on Broad Street, and needless to say you can only handle that place if you're drunk... So I was intrigued to see how this one differs.

From the outside, it's not great. It's really close to the Arcadian (it always amazes me how close everything actually is in Birmingham!) and walking distance from the train stations. It was very quick and easy to check in, and the staff were actually quite friendly.

Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring
Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring
Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring
Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring

I actually thought the room itself was nicely presented. It's got a lovely blue accent wall and colourful wall hanging to match. I swear most of the time, Travelodges are just white and minimal, but it felt a bit more cosy. It's definitely a one/two night stay hotel, as you get a small rail to hang your clothes, a small desk (with no mirror) and a view of the car park... I guess that could be worse though! I actually got a bit excited about the bottle opener attached to the desk, how useful!

The room appeared to be pretty clean, although the carpet probably needed hoovering a bit more. The bathroom was also really clean... In fact, it was probably the cleanest Travelodge bathroom I've ever set foot in.

Travelodge Birmingham Central Bull Ring

We were lucky enough to have breakfast during our stay too, which was... Okay. The restaurant wasn't busy in the slightest, so the buffet obviously hadn't been replaced in a while and most of the food was getting cold. You do get a selection of cereal, croissants, yoghurt, toast etc as well though, so there was still enough choice to keep you going. It probably costs a bit too much for the quality though...

Overall, if I needed a quick, cheap hotel stay in Birmingham again, I probably would stay in the Central Bull Ring hotel! Don't expect too much, and it's actually pretty good!

Disclaimer: I was invited to stay at Travel Birmingham Central Bull Ring for free. All views and opinions are my own.

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Jade Wimsey said...

I actually really like Travelodge, in London the Covent Garden one or the one near Kings Cross are always where i stay because they're affordable, clean and comfortable. In somewhere like London I don't spend long in your hotel so I don't need expensive luxury :)

Jade x
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