16 May 2015

I'm skydiving for Mind | Please donate

I may be on a bit of a blogging break at the moment, but I really needed to publish this post...

I have decided to take part in a tandem skydive on Sunday 30th August, in order to raise as much money as I can for Mind, a mental health charity.

Mind is a charity that is very important to my family. My mum has Bipolar disorder (a type known as Cyclothymia) and has suffered from chronic depression for many years. Despite the many highs and lows, she's still the bravest, strongest woman I know. Mind has helped my mum in many ways, including the various support booklets and leaflets they supply.

For my 21st birthday, my parents booked me a surprise skydive. I turned it down and regretted it ever since (even though the thought absolutely terrifies me). Now, it's my time to make up for that moment, whilst also trying to make a difference.

Help me break the stigma of mental health and support me falling through the air. My aim is to raise at least £600... But even more would be fantastic. I really want to beat my target! It's the very least I can do.

To sponsor me, please click here and donate what you can.

Thank you.

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09 May 2015

Fit for a Christening | What I Wore

Boohoo floral 3/4 sleeve midi dress. Topshop metallic heels. Vivienne Westwood clutch bag.

This dress has been hanging in my wardrobe with the tags on ever since the Christmas sales, so I was very happy to finally have an occasion to wear this! I bought it for £15... Bar-gain.

I'm not usually a fan of sleeved dresses, as I get really warm... Probably wasn't the best idea to wear this on a nice, sunny day, but oh well. I have the midi length, and the pattern. It just feels classic, fitted and really nice and light to wear.

I'm so glad my favourite Topshop heels and Vivienne Westwood bag finished off the outfit! Any excuse to where those.

I'll probably end up wearing this dress a bit more now the weather is getting better (well, maybe not right now) and it's had a time to shine.

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06 May 2015

Photoblog | April 2015

1. Work lunch. | 2. Free wine (and cheese) at the Z Hotel. | 3. Reunion on a school night.

4. A little lunch treat on the way home. | 5. Obsessed with Disney canvases. | 6. The start of the creme egg brownies.

7. FOTD. | 8. Epic chocolate chip hot cross bun for Easter. | 9. Way too excited for this.

10. Lovely housewarming gifts. | 11. Easter time. | 12. FOTD.

13. Fun times at The Gadget Show. | 14. Possibly for sixth batch of creme egg brownies in the month. | 15. After work cocktails.

16. Love my Topshop fedora hat. | 17. All set for a girly sleepover. | 18. Christening OOTD.

19. Pleased with my £13 Flossy find. | 20. Quick work trip to Starbucks. | 21. Celebrating my dad's birthday.

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