02 June 2015

Photoblog: May 2015

Dani Johanna and AlexMindfulness colouring bookMissguided clothes

1. Birthday celebrations. | 2. A great way to relieve stress and take your mind off things. | 3. New holiday clothes from Missguided.

Video filmingPlain white loafSunday mornings

4. Exciting client work. | 5. My first ever loaf of bread didn't come out too badly! | 6. Bacon sandwiches are best with homemade bread.

Spring flowersDIY RenovationGuardians of the Galaxy vinyl

7. Spring time. | 8. Still nowhere near finished... | 9. Favourite soundtrack at the moment.

Eurovision sweepstakeOPI Nail EnvyTopshop fedora hat

10. Eurovision sweepstake. | 11. Forgot how much I LOVE these products. | 12. I don't wear this Topshop fedora hat enough.

The Botanist, BirminghamThe Botanist, BirminghamThe Botanist, Birmingham

13. Lovely catch up with a uni friend calls for The Botanist. | 14. Cocktails on a school night. | 15. Now THIS is what you call a kebab.

Vinyl coastersParks aromatherapy candleLipcote16. Love my vinyl coasters. The song names even have tea references. | 17. This housewarming candle smells divine. | 18. Lipcote is my saviour.

Victoria sponge cakeGift from Bill's restaurantJuju jelly shoes

19. Birthday baking day. | 20. Amazing little surprise gift from Bill's because it was Alex's birthday! | 21. 26 going on 6 with my Juju jelly shoes.

Brandon Flowers, BirminghamBrandon Flowers, BirminghamLemon cheesecake with strawberries

22. Standard 'waiting at a gig' selfie. | 23. Brandon Flowers, you beautiful man. | 24. Biscuit to cheesecake ratio may be slightly off, but it tasted delish.


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Coco said...

Happy belated bday!! I'm loving your hat and great pictures!! Feel free to stop by and share some love! Baci,
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