07 August 2015

Photoblog: July 2015

Dani Johanna Barbecue, garden furniture and sunshine Barbecue, garden furniture and sunshine
1. FOTD. | 2. Finally enjoying summer with our new garden furniture. The simple things. | 3. Mini barbecue time.

Gypsophila Afternoon tea Summer flowers
4. Love gyps. | 5. Housewarming afternoon tea. | 6. After a very tough week, I came home to these. 

Bill's restaurant Topshop jumpsuit and dress Bill's red velvet truffles
7. Trying out Bill's summer menu... Sorry, we prefer winter! | 8. New Topshop summer purchases. | 9. Nightmare made better with red velvet truffles.

Mindfulness colouring book Pinterest workshop Raising money for Mind charity
10. Mindfulness colouring. | 11. Learning about all things Pinterest. | 12. One month to go!

Disney vinylmation Bullring gift card Xander the cat
13. My little desk mascots. | 14. Time for some shopping! | 15. Love this old man.


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