23 September 2015

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Toothpaste | Review

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Toothpaste
Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Toothpaste* - £5.49

I'm still on the search for the best toothpaste/dental regime to help make my teeth even a little bit whiter. I'm worried about using whitening strips and the like as my teeth can be very sensitive. When Beverly Hills Formula contacted me about its range and a new product, I wanted to give it a go!

Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Toothpaste
Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold Toothpaste

The Perfect White Gold toothpaste features actual gold particles, is clinically proven to be more effective at removing stains and is less abrasive than some other leading brands of both whitening and regular toothpastes. The part which intrigued me? Gold particles. The last time I tried anything with gold particles was a shot of Goldschl├Ąger which didn't end well.

Accordingly to Beverly Hills Formula, gold has an anti-inflammatory effect which helps increase blood flow and fight gum disease. The advanced Hydrated Silica also boosts whiteness, whilst other ingredients continue to prevent bacteria from forming, keeps teeth enamel strong and removes surface and deep stains. It basically has everything you need.

You can actually see the gold within the toothpaste, but when you start brushing your teeth it just foams up as normal and isn't left on your teeth like glitter. Quite the relief!

I haven't been using it for very long so I can't say it's made a big difference to my teeth. However, my mouth always feels fresh and minty, whilst my teeth feel nice and clean. My teeth aren't very sensitive either, which is great as most whitening products make them so sensitive I can only use it for a week until I have to give up. I'll be carrying on using this to see if it makes any more of an impact on the appearance/whiteness.

I wouldn't say this is a miracle worker, but the fact that I do feel a bit more confident with my teeth and the way they feel after using this toothpaste, then this is possibly one of my favourite whitening toothpastes I've used so far.

* Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. All views and opinions are my own.


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