30 September 2015

Tenerife 2015 | Photoblog

I miss Tenerife so much. I always love visiting the Canary Islands and, as this was my first visit to Tenerife, I would happily go back there again.

We stayed at the Andorra apartments which we would recommend staying at. It was nice and quiet, it was cheap to book and the apartment was spacious, clean and just right for what we wanted.

The weather was pretty gorgeous during our entire stay. A couple of days near the end of the holiday were cloudy, but by then we were secretly happy of the shade and breeze! We both burnt on the first day after a few hours on the beach. Alex's back was bright red, whilst my chest, tummy and the top of my legs were patchy with sunburn! We used SPF 30 on, but I guess we're not used to so much sun as we haven't been on holiday for 2 years. Needless to say, we stuck to the SPF 30 and 50 for the rest of the holiday and it turned to tan in the end!

Playa De Las Americas is quite touristy, and you can tell that at least some, if not all, of the beach is manmade. It didn't bother us that much though. The views were gorgeous and we spent some of our time just looking out to the sea, appreciating the clean air and just relaxing. It was so busy with holidaymakers but you can still lose yourself in silence.

A holiday is never complete without a game of crazy golf either. Of course I didn't win.

In the evenings, we walked. Everywhere. I knew I should have bought a Fitbit. Anyway, there were so many lovely shopping centres around Tenerife, including the CC Safari which had restaurants, Levi's, Timberland, jewellery stores... Then a few minutes walk away, Zara appeared. You can guess what happened there. Anyway, the CC Safari also had a light and music show in the fountains each night which was actually quite lovely to witness.

If we didn't fancy staying out for a drink or two, we visited a local supermarket and bought some fresh cakes and Kopparberg for 1.65 Euro (1.65! Literally can't get over how cheap it was) and chilled on our balcony.

It's natural to begin proper foodies when on holiday. We bloody love our food. A couple of my favourites were two restaurants in CC Safari - an Italian restaurant called Bianco and a steak house called Empire. Absolutely gorgeous food and drink and would definitely be more expensive if they were based in the UK. I also had my first taste of strawberry sangria and I loved it. I don't like traditional sangria but this was way too drinkable. Shame the bar (Harry's Bar) was always so busy, we never got to experience it again as we could never find a table!

We also went to Siam Park, which was one of the best waterparks I've ever been to. Despite Alex becoming travel sick after a few rides (bless him), we chilled by the wave pool for a while until we relaxed on the lazy river and tried not to drown in the waves. The lazy river surprisingly turned into a bit of a ride as well, taking you through a tunnel with a load of sharks above your head. Surreal.

We even chilled with some sea lions, even though momma sea lion was telling baby sea lion off at one point. If I ever go to Tenerife again, I would totally visit Siam Park. It's literally 5-10 minutes away from the main resort and there's a free bus to and from the park. So good.

We spotted Hard Rock Cafe on the resort too, which I was pretty shocked about. Hard Rock at Tenerife? Really? One of the evenings, we decided to treat ourselves to expensive cocktails on the Top Bar of Hard Rock Cafe. The cocktails were lovely and was such a lovely experience. It was nice to listen to some decent music too!

On our final night, we checked out the food within the restaurant itself... With some more cocktails. The ribs were incredible, but Alex's burger was a major disappointment. I felt bad for him as Alex had never been to Hard Rock Cafe before!

I would love to visit Tenerife again... Maybe to a different resort that isn't as touristy. All in all, it was an amazing holiday and... Can I just go back now?

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