22 December 2015

Birthday dress | What I Wore

Topshop Ribbed Pini Bodycon Tunic Dress

This dress was a birthday present off my sister and nephews, and I absolutely love it.

You can dress it up like above, or down by wearing a top underneath to make it a bit more casual and suitable for work.

It's definitely a dress to wear when you're not eating all the foods though... Well, in my case. It does cling everywhere so getting the next size up gives you some leeway and ultimately makes it more comfortable to wear!

Oh, and introducing my Tiffany necklace... That's love, right there.
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16 December 2015

Go Customized Personalised iPhone 5s Case | Review

Go Customized iPhone 5s Phone Case* - £19.95

I love to change my phone case now and again, especially to one which showcases a particular highlight. When Go Customized got in touch, it was the perfect timing as I just came back from holiday...

This is one of my favourite photos from our holiday in Tenerife, so I instantly chose it for my new phone case. The delivery was quick and it wasn't long before this was in my hands.

The phone case is very well made. Whilst the print is slightly pixelated, that might just be the quality of my photo. I love how it wraps around the sides too.

The only negative I will say is that, whilst the phone fits perfectly, it's a flush finish, therefore if I end up dropping it at all the screen has no chance in surviving.

It's not a bad price for what you get, and the website gives you so many other options to choose from. It also does tablet and other smartphone cases.

Have you tried Go Customized?

* Disclaimer: I was sent this product to review. All views and opinions are my own.
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11 December 2015

Pink hair, don't care | What I Wore

Vintage dress from Harper and Lewis, Bullring

I spotted this dress in Harper and Lewis when I was looking for a pretty birthday dress. It's colourful, it's different and it's the perfect fit. It's warm to wear and very fitted... Whilst the dress is quite slimming, it's a struggle when you're eating ALL THE FOOD.

I love the pleats on the skirt and the patterns on the material. I just love how different it is compared to most dresses available at the moment. I won't get bored of this dress anytime soon.

Oh... And my hair is pink/purple again!

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08 December 2015

Photoblog: November 2015

1. Here comes Movember. | 2. It's FINALLY finished! | 3. Gatsby doesn't let you drink cups of tea.

4. My first attempt at Eton Mess. | 5. #smlondon | 6. Amazing pudding in Ask.

7. Birmingham Christmas Market.

8. FOTD. | 9. Hot chocolate time with Belle. | 10. This is what I like to call "cheer up cake".

11. Cheers Barney.

12. Exciting last minute trip to Fuerteventura booked! | 13. Christmas shopping = Costa. | 14. Gorgeous leaving presents.

15. Leaving drinks. | 16. Leaving lunch. | 17. Free birthday shake from Ed's.

18. A few of my Grayling lovelies.
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02 December 2015

No7 Early Defence Night Cream | Review

No7 Early Defence Night Cream - £19.50

I needed a new night cream so I picked up No7's Early Defence Night Cream. Aimed at people in their 20's, it's an affordable anti-ageing product that protects and boosts younger skin in preparation.

The product itself is lightweight and very easy to massage into the skin. My face feels hydrated once applied, which is important to me because my skin can be so dry and tight. It doesn't feel oily either, so I think it'll be good for most skin types.

I guess I can't exactly say if the anti-ageing aspect works yet... I'll let you know in 10 years time. However I've been using this for a few months and my skin doesn't feel as dry when I wake up in the mornings as it used to.

It's a great product and I'm intrigued to see how the Day Cream and the Eye Cream complement it. Have you tried any of the Early Defence range?

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