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My name's Dani (and Johanna is my middle name). I'm 26 and based in Worcestershire. I'm a Digital Manager at a global agency by day. I can't quite decide what kind of blogger I am at the moment. Fashion? Beauty? Lifestyle? Music? Food? Home? Who knows. I'm a bit of everything I guess!

I absolutely love baking, collecting vinyl records and lasagne. I hate bananas, mushrooms, bees/wasps and massive spiders. I don't like salad or fruit (apart from strawberries, and even then I have to force myself). Brandon Flowers is my number 1 celebrity. I got way too obsessed with Game of Thrones. I adore Rupaul. A glass of wine on a Friday is essential and I spend most of my nights catching up on all things Netflix.

I'm also taking part in a tandem skydive to raise as much as money as I can for Mind, the mental health charity. No matter how much you can spare, please sponsor me and help me break the stigma.
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