28 February 2011

paws up

Top: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Primark
Gummy bear earrings: Babi Online
Bracelet: Topshop
Scrabble ring: present
Nail polish: Barry M Nail Paint in 134 Yellow

I wore this outfit on Saturday night - went for a couple of drinks and a few games of pool with some lovely friends of mine. I say a few games of pool... I played the first game, potted one ball (yes, ONE) and announced my early retirement! It was a good night though - malibu helped me get over my awful gameplay.

This is potentially one of my favourite tops at the moment. I only bought it the other day so it's definitely going to get a bit of wear out of it! As for the skirt, I've joined the £3.99 skirt club! I'm actually amazed that this skirt cost £3.99, considering my last bodycon cost £25.

Decided on what I'm going to do for my photography project... Pretty shocked I've thought of a decent idea considering I did shockingly bad last year. It's top secret... ;) Seriously though, I don't want to tell the world and then jinx it so it all goes horribly wrong! So you'll all just have to keep your eyes peeled when I've finished it.

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24 February 2011

smiles on faces

Jumper: H&M
Shorts: Topshop
Belt: Primark
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Toms

Welcome to the newly designed blog! I'm so pleased with it... Only took me all of last night to sort out, and there's still a couple of things left to do, but overall I'm happy. I think it looks a bit more mature than before. Also added a few pages but I've only finished the 'About' page so far, so there's more to come! Hope you guys like the new look too - let me know (:

The sun has been shining today and it's really made a difference. I feel a lot more productive and clear-headed than I have been in a fair while. Spring/Summer always brings out the best of me! Unfortunately though, it is one of those days where you do so much, yet have nothing to show for it... Oh well, at least I know what I've achieved.

Today, I opted for a loose jumper (the sun may be out, but it's still not overly warm here in Sheffield!) tucked into my high-waisted shorts. Getting some wear out of my Toms shoes as well... They're not very expensive, they're versatile with outfits and are incredibly comfy - what more could you want?!

I've been looking through a lot of photographers the last couple of days to get my head around what I want to base my project on. It's either going to be fashion, portrait or self-portrait (but with a difference. Not just my head smiling). Either way, I'm excited at the prospect. I know for a fact I'm not doing my portfolio in Sheffield or Kidderminster (no offense). I'll be travelling down to Bath because the location is so much nicer! I may need some models too, but I'll ask about that nearer the time when I know what the hell I'm doing. If anyone knows of any decent portrait/self-portrait photographers I can research into, please let me know!

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23 February 2011

LFW top five... Plus one more!

So I was looking through Style.com and Vogue today and I was introduced to a new designer that I have never heard of before. Now, he is part of my 'top five', which is actually no longer a five... You saw three of them yesterday, now here are my last three!

Mary Katrantzou was a mixture of colour contrast, lampshade-like skirts and patterns you'd find on vintage interior or crockery. She pushed the print boundaries with these jaw-dropping, vivid designs, potentially becoming one of my favourites in LFW.

Body Amr showcased block coloured dresses in metallic shades, either fitted or draped, with silks and fur elements taking the stage throughout. All the models had dark lips and scraped-back hair, adding to the elegance the designs gave off. His sleek, classic designs didn't fail for the new season.

I could have cried when I found out Thomas Tait is the same age as me and has already had his second collection showcased at LFW. His designs focused on a palette of black, ivory and navy, with cutaways, tailoring and structured half-skirts over trousers or silk skirt.

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22 February 2011

LFW top five... Or three

February was a very important month for fashion. It brought us London Fashion Week – each day bringing us the newest looks and trends for autumn and winter 2011. Designers coming to the city from here, there and everywhere, ready to inspire and persuade us to update our wardrobes with their clothes. Okay, blah blah, most of you already know this!

I was meant to be there, sat on the front row between Hilary Alexander and Vogue editor Alexandra Shulman (okay, that’s a lie, but I was supposed to go!) So instead, here I am, trawling through Style.com... The next best thing.

Already decided on my top 5... But here's three of them to keep you going.

Topshop Unique went to the early 1930s Americana era, with poodle-like hair, black heart shape on noses, geometric shapes and a lot of faux fur. It was a 101 Dalmatians funfest, mixed with black-tie sophistication and Art Deco motifs.

Vivienne Westwood Red Label stuck to the other side of the world and gave us pure British electric fashion. Full of pinstripes, plaids and mannish uniforms, Westwood threw in a few neon feathers to keep her eccentric style alive. She even brought in her TK Maxx special – the Comic Relief t-shirt – for good measure.

Enter PPQ, who brought us monochrome, Catwoman headgear and Elizabethan and Victorian detailing. It’s borderline witchcraft, with a hint of doll-like facial features and structured tailoring.

Tomorrow, I will bring you some Body Amr and Mary Katrantzou, but for now I bid you goodnight.

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garden of peace

Coat: Topshop
Shoes: Toms
Bag: eBay

I went for a nice little (and cold) walk around Sheffield city centre with the boyfriend and decided to take a few photos of the fountain in Peace Gardens. This is possibly my favourite place in Sheffield. No matter what time of year it is, you always see children acting so amazed by the rapid bursts of water that it makes you happy too. I wasn't best pleased though - it was freezing and the water kept splashing my leg. Fail.

This blog is going to see a few changes in the next couple of days, including a new layout, new pages and content... Oooo! I've learnt a lot about blogging and reaching my audience (you guys!), all thanks to Hayley, who is a PR genius (and only a final year student like me)! I may have been called the 'Goddess of Social Media' by my tutor the other day but I have nothing on her. She's even been through so much in her life that it's really opened my eyes and realised that people, including myself, really do moan about the stupidest things! So, hello real world, Dani is making the most of you from now on (in a good way, not a dodgy way if that's how it sounded).

My group's blog, Silhouette, even got a mention on the PR website she works for. It's as if things are falling into place! Slowly but surely, they say. The blog's even getting spruced up a bit too... My life has turned into one big design fest!

For once, I'm actually looking forward to the A/W season, and I never thought I'd say that because I'm a winter-phobe. Some spectacular pieces seen all weekend... And the fact that block colours will still be around definitely helps me keep a bit of sunshine alive! Expect my top picks from LFW shortly!

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21 February 2011

cupid's finally arrived

Dress: Topshop
Socks: ASOS
Shoes: New Look
(excuse the ghost-like face)

Had a bit of a 'post-Valentines' night with the boyfriend tonight. We went for a meal at my favourite restaurant in Sheffield, Antibo, and tomorrow night we plan to have a few drinkies in the city. Got some lovely yellow tulips too, which are currently situated in a glass since I don't own a vase...

All in all, Valentines was worth the wait!

Currently writing a piece on what I'm missing out on at LFW... Sort of aiming it just on Sunday's collections, because that was the day I was meant to go! I'll make sure I do a blog version too. So far, I've loved Topshop Unique, Vivienne Westwood Red Label and PPQ. Going to spend tomorrow checking out the shows live, so I may be on a bit of a blogging frenzy during the day!

And now? To end the night, I'll be eating a chocolate brownie cheesecake slice, getting over the grossness of One Born Every Minute by watching some Jersey Shore, wondering where the hell the girls get their clothes from (and not because I want to buy them)... G'night y'all.

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19 February 2011

yet another jewellery craze!

I seem to be getting more obsessed with jewellery nowadays. Whether it's oversized rings, chunky necklaces or stud earrings, I need them in my life. Now, the obsession has broadened after I found jewellery boutique Babi Online. They sell a mix of vintage, kitsch, handmade and intricate jewellery.

After trying to decide what to buy for a good 45 minutes, I ordered 3 beautiful pieces. Turns out I was their 'fifth order' after their announcement of the Mad Dash Session, so I received two free gifts. A nice surprise and bonus to my day!

Here are the lovely little items that were delivered today (in the cutest envelope ever, with a patterned banner and a green elephant sticker!)...

Iced Starbucks Coffee Necklace

When Doves Cry ring

Yellow gummy bear earrings

Unfortunately these earrings were slightly damaged, as they were stuck to the card... After peeling them off, the card decided to transfer onto the gummy bears. They're sending me another set of earrings to replace them though :) I wasn't expecting that at all, so yet another positive for Babi Online!

And the freebies...

Iced Gem ring

Doughnut earrings

All in all, very impressed and will definitely keep check on any new stock they get... and I think you should check them out too :)

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18 February 2011

too dolled up?

T-shirt: TK Maxx
Chinos: Topshop

Decided to wear my Comic Relief t-shirt today... Don't really know why I chose to wear it today. It could be a subconscious thing because it's a month until Red Nose Day... or because I just wanted to be comfortable! You may have noticed my post about these t-shirts that Vivienne Westwood designed, but if you haven't then you better click here! I love this t-shirt, it's so comfy and baggy... I may customise it one day - cut the sleeves off and change the neckline - but I haven't decided yet.

This week has been pure MADNESS. Why? Because I missed the majority of seminars and lectures, I learnt about celebrities turning into 'saints'... Okay, maybe it's not that mad. I did, however, buy a new lipstick by 17, in Showbiz, by recommendation of Gem! It's taken me forever to find the perfect red lipstick... No matter how cheap or expensive they are, they either wear off or they smudge everywhere, including my teeth (and I'm usually pretty good at avoiding that!) Very happy with this lipstick though. Thanks Gem!

Ring: Christmas present, so I don't know. You can get your own at various places, including VIPXO.

You may also be wondering how my nails grew so fast... They didn't, they're just fakes. I found my trusty Kiss Short Square kit the other day so thought I'd treat myself to some long nails! I will grow them one day, once all the uni stress has finished. Also noticed how nearly all my bright nail polishes are too old to use anymore, so I bought myself a new one - Models Own in Feeling Blue. Made me feel all summery despite it being so cold outside! The fact that I cleaned the bathroom not long after painting them, and my amateur paintwork is still intact, means I'm rather impressed!

Today is also the day when LFW begins... And I am devastated I'm not there! Pretty sure I disappointed a few of my university magazine's people too, as I managed to get one of my press passes because of them - Sorry guys! I guess I will just sit back, watch all the blogs I follow fill up of LFW posts and photos and try to grab as much inspiration from their experience to write my own piece on it. Booo!

Have a good weekend, lovely people.

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