30 March 2011

Lush's BB Seaweed face mask

The other week, the lovely people at Lush sent me a sample of their face mask, BB Seaweed. I'm a face mask virgin - I've always been worried about using face masks in case they make my skin react to it in a horrendous way. Now? I've faced my demons and decided to give it a go, as it may end up being the best thing I've done for my face.

The thought of seaweed being rubbed on my face didn't thrill me, but it was actually okay. It wasn't rough to apply like I imagined. It was a little bit clumpy, but once you go past the bits of seaweed, it's easy to apply - it's more smooth than it looks.

Smelling of, well, seaweed, I smelt like I was on holiday for the 10 minutes of applying it. I didn't feel that way after 5 minutes though, due to my face turning into stone. I literally couldn't move my lips, which was incredibly strange! I wanted to laugh about it, but alas, I couldn't because smiling was virtually impossible. Like I said, this was the first time I've used a face mask so the feeling was very strange to deal with, without warning!

(ghost face)
Applied more than what it looks on here!

It was very easy to rinse off (after running across the corridor so my housemates couldn't see my mask) and my skin felt really smooth and soft. No added redness or dryness, which was the main worry for me. I think it actually helped my skin a lot, because I didn't feel the need to add any moisturiser after it all.

Thumbs up Lush. I've always been wary of your smelly products, but this has broke through my resistance! Definitely recommend this product - my skin feels amazing.

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29 March 2011

happiness in a bottle

Photo via The Telegraph

I don't drink Cola Cola (or Pepsi, or anything like that) on its own by choice... Unless it's mixed with Malibu.

More than willing to change my ways if I was drinking it out of a bottle designed by Karl Lagerfeld! WANT!

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saved my last dance for you

(I seem to have camouflaged myself in the first photo...)
T-shirt: ASOS
Chinos: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: ASOS

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! Life has been very hectic lately, what with the huge pile of university work that is still sitting on my desk, job hunting and various other stuff taking over my life. I'll get back to this soon, I promise!

I've received my final loan of my university life - booo! To celebrate, I bought a couple of things from the Topshop 'flash' sale. I don't really understand why it's called a 'flash' sale since it's still going, but hey. Hello new chinos and shoes for a lovely £30 in total! Also used the last of my ASOS vouchers to buy this plain 'squirrel' coloured t-shirt (love the colour name!) and a pocket watch necklace (which took me forever to work out how to change the time. Turns out it's very simple to do).

Officially sorted out what I'm going to do for my photography project... After trying to figure out how to represent anxiety and gender confusion, I racked my brain to find about the kind of stuff I've gone through (which, may I add, does not include gender issues). I'm now looking at taking photos of the most influential people in my life. Very personal insight into my life and it'll be interesting for me to show how I've grown as a person through other people. Fingers crossed it all works out!

I went to Bath for the weekend again. Sunshine, photos, Nandos and general good times. It made me crave for summer - hurry up hot weather!

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27 March 2011

Sunday Wish List 04

The Topshop flash sale began a few days ago... and since then, I've fallen in love with some new arrivals on the website. Apparently, it's all about blue and yellow for me!

Dress / Skirt / Shirt / Jeans / Wedge Sandals

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23 March 2011

The Body Shop's Vitamin E

During the last week, I have been testing out The Body Shop's range of Vitamin E products. I managed to get some testers to try out...

Initially, I was quite worried about using these products due to the smell of them. Perfumed skin care creams never do good things to my skin, but Vitamin E has had an amazing name for itself for years, so I've given it a try to see if it works its wonders on me.

I have mixed feelings over the cleanser. Although it took my foundation off well, it barely moved my eye make-up. A few days down the line, I had to result in using my eye make-up remover so I don't have panda eyes. I did have to use a lot of cleanser to get the result I wanted. Leaving make-up on isn't a good idea, and my skin is always horrendous if I leave the tiniest bit on. It didn't dehydrate my skin but the little tester pot just wasn't enough to cover the week.

I've never actually used toner before - shock horror - but I actually liked this product. It spread very easily across my face, so I only needed to use a bit at a time. It left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated, which was a definite plus since it's a mission to make it feel normal after cleansing.

The perfume strikes again! Smelling fresh, almost with a mix of cotton and flowers, this serum was a bit hit and miss for me. Like the toner, I hadn't used serum before so I was intrigued if it worked or not. I didn't want to apply it everywhere, because of the smell, so I used it in the most affected areas - top of my cheeks, sides of my nose and my forehead. These places can be pretty dry for me, but luckily I only needed a tiny bit of serum because it disappears on your skin and can be spread easily.

I have to admit, I was very disappointed with this cream. It had a much stronger flowery smell to it, which worried me! There are two types of moisture cream, original and intense. I went for the intense because I suffer from very dry skin. It wasn't greasy, but it was very hard to apply due to its thickness. I had to apply a lot in order to make my skin feel hydrated - if it wasn't for the serum, I probably would have had to apply more!

By Saturday, I noticed that my skin was breaking out in spots and the redness on my cheeks had got worse. I tend not to get spots so I wasn't very happy when I saw my skin turning like this. I immediately stopped using the products, after just 4 days of testing. I didn't want to stop half way through my review, but if a product is no good then you shouldn't keep using it!

If you know that your skin won't get affected my perfumed products, but is quite dry, I do recommend this range. I can't fault any of them in terms of hydrating my skin - they all did the trick! The best to buy are the hydrating toner and the moisture serum. If it wasn't for these, the other two would have had a much harder mission to help my skin. But if get worried with perfumed creams, don't bother because they aggravate!

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20 March 2011

Sunday Wish List 03

I absolutely love shirts and blouses at the moment. If I had the money, they'd rule my wardrobe right now. These little gems would be the first ones in there...

New Look 1 / New Look 2 / Missguided 1 / Missguided 2 / Topshop 1 / Topshop 2

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18 March 2011

It's Red Nose Day!

Tshirt - TK Maxx
Skirt - eBay

It's Red Nose Day today, so the t-shirt had to pay another visit into the world! I'm quite enjoying owning a basic style t-shirt at the moment so I'm delaying the customisation for a while. It's just too comfortable to change! Matched it with a dark red midi skirt I bought on eBay from Crosstown Vintage. It's a size 8, but the elasticated waist meant it fit me (a size 10) so I was very pleased! I've wanted a skirt like this for a while, but could never justify paying around £40 for one. This was only £17 - well worth the money! I can't wait for the warmer days to come so I can wear this more often.

I've finally found and bought a DSLR of my own. Bought for £250, I got a Nikon D60, 2g memory card, camera bag, remote control and an external flash. All are working (and touch wood will for a longgg time) and I'm very happy with it! Not only does this mean I can take really good photos whenever I want to, it'll also help me pass my photography module! Hopefully going to practice this weekend - photos of my beautiful baby niece on Saturday and photos of one of my best friends on Sunday. Check out my Flickr page to see what I've taken so far. Please remember, I'm only a beginner so the focus is sometimes out, the frame isn't very good... blah blah blah. I'll get better! (:

Last thing (well, technically two things):
Eyeko and their ambassadors (including me!) are helping the Japanese Quake Relief fund by matching our commissions to donate to them. This means, when you buy something from the lovely range of makeup products, whatever I get from it they will match and give to the fund. So do something good, use my Ambassador code E14607 (or if you know of any other ambassador codes, use theirs! Either way money will be donated) if you want to purchase anything and help those in need :)

Aaaand if you haven't already, PLEASE ring 03457 910910 or click here to donate money to Comic Relief. I've bought my t-shirt from TK Maxx, where part of the money goes to them, along with clicking the above link to donate some more ££. Do the right thing :)

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16 March 2011

Time for some skin, hand&nail care reviews!

Starting from today, I will be reviewing skin care products specifically for dry and sensitive skin. My face is incredibly dry and I've been suffering from redness from the last two years. Now, I'm starting to find that the products don't really do the trick anymore. As much as I adore the stuff I use, it's time for me to find a cheaper and more effective alternative!

My current regime is:

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials gentle facial cleansing wipes
St Ives gentle apricot scrub
E45 cream
Sudocrem healing cream
Clinique Moisture Surge

In the next few weeks, I'll be testing out Simple, The Body Shop, L'Occitane and Lush... Plus any other products I find along the way.

Obviously, I want to give them all a chance to work their magic, so I don't know if I'll posting a review each week... If I don't have a skin care review, I'll test out various make-up and nail products to fill the slot!

Today, I've begun testing The Body Shop's 'Vitamin E' range. I managed to grab a few samples of the range to try out, which includes:

Cream Cleanser
Intense Moisture Cream
Moisture Serum
Hydrating Toner

Check back next week to see how it goes (: If anyone has experienced this range, or if you want me to try out any other products that I haven't mentioned, please comment and let me know!

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13 March 2011

Sunday Wish List 02

I'm pretty obsessed with shoes.
Tall heels. Kitten heels. Bright coloured. Dull coloured. Strappy. Wedged. Stiletto. Flat. Laces. Buckles. Slip ons. Wellies. Whatever they are, I love shoes and can never part from the ones I already own. And so, my obsession increases...

Original gloss Hunters
(for festival days and the winter months... in advance)
Light pink loafer brogues
(for casual strolls or smart events when I don't want to tower people)
I'm Bossy heeled shoes
(because I'm an Irregular Choice whore)
Wizard orange suede cork wedges
(for the summer days when I want to tower over everyone)

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11 March 2011

jeepers creepers, what's happened to brogues?

Photo via Daily Mail

The much-loved Brogue shoes have had a bit of a redesign! But is the change a bit too much?

Prada have designed some new 'creeper brogues' for their SS11 collection, with a nice £510 price tag... The media's going insane over them right now, but personally I'm not that keen on them.

I can't see myself wearing these shoes. Mixing brogues with espadrilles (and even being classed as a trainer too) is just too much for me to handle! I don't think they look as smart and classic as the original brogues... I do love the bright coloured sole though.

I've had a bit of a hunt to see what the high street have came up with... Not as extreme as Prada, so my opinion of them is a bit more positive now.

Topshop 1 / Topshop 2 / ASOS 1 / ASOS 2 / Miss Selfridge 1 / Miss Selfridge 2 / Office / UO

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10 March 2011


No outfit post today because I have been travelling down to Bath for the weekend. I'm pretty much wearing the same as this though (apart from the shoes) so it's nothing new! Thought my cat is a nice alternative..? He's my pride and joy so he deserves a good mention on here!

Starting next weekend, I'll have some reviews on the go of nail polishes, make-up and skin care products. Rather looking forward to it! I have very dry and sensitive skin, and unfortunately the only products I have trusted are too expensive for a student to stock up on. I've now decided to take a risk and try out various cheaper products to see if they work their magic. If you have the same skin type as me, do you have any products that you can recommend? Or warn to stay clear of?

This weekend, I'll (hopefully) be busy starting my photography project. Anyone in Bath fancy some photos taken of them in anxiety? Gender confusion? Making a fool of yourself in the name of photography and my degree? Anyone? Worth a shot!

The boyfriend is introducing me to Eastbound and Down now... It's some American comedy TV show - that's all I know! I don't think it'll beat Jersey Shore, but only time will tell! Anyone else seen it?

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09 March 2011

steal my sunshine

Dress: ASOS

I know my boyfriend is going to be thrilled when he sees he's on my blog now... But I don't care! I've put this up because I want summer to arrive so I can finally dig this dress back out of my wardrobe and wear it! Ohhhh how I miss my maxi dresses. I also miss holidays. This was taken during a family holiday in Alicante last year... And what I don't miss? The unbelievable amount of wasp nests in the roof and plants, and the wasps (and a hornet!) catching the rays in the swimming pool. BLEURGH. Anyway...

Living in Sheffield during Spring always messes up my wardrobe. No joke. Obviously, you can't expect it to be really warm outside when the sun comes out... but here, it's so much more extreme. Yesterday, I had to dig out my faux fur coat when I walked out the door, but then fell in need of my sunglasses. Apparently, it was spitting snow out of the sky last night as well?! This weather = Fashion fail. I can't wait for it to make up its mind and hit summertime already.

Just a couple of things to tide you over until I find a good amount of time to talk about decent, interesting things (although I hope you find the next two interesting!)...

Check out my university blog, Silhouette! Recent post about Andrej Pejic and his androgynous look... and look out for two articles on three Fashion Design students from Sheffield Hallam uni being nominated for a Bridal Buyers award and the other on Milly Jackson, a fashion design student from Nottingham Trent, who recently won the FAD award! They were all a joy to interview :) very friendly and lovely to talk to! Really put me at ease as it's been a while since I got my interviewing skills out.

Another thing, I've recently became a Sigma affiliate! If you don't know what Sigma are, they sell gorgeous makeup brushes, which I hope I can review a few at some stage. Check out their website here!

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06 March 2011

Sunday Wish List 01

The first of my new series of posts! This one is a bit rushed, considering some of the items I wanted to feature are now sold out... So there's no point in wishing for them right now! So here's a new batch that I want to get my hands on.

Jonathan Aston Feathered Rumi Socks £8
(to make outfits just that little bit cuter)
PPQ for Office Amina Platform court shoes £85
(for my Graduation... and the nights out afterwards)
Pleat Long Sleeve Shift Dress £45
(because you can never have too many shift dresses)
Ornate Pocket Watch Necklace £22
(got into necklaces again and I never wear a watch - best of both)
Kate Garey Bird Vanity Case £22
(I want to use this as an actual hand bag)

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05 March 2011

stop for a minute and smile

I've been spending my Saturday watching 24 Hour Panel People for Comic Relief. It's possibly the funniest thing I've watched in SO long. It's great to see all these quiz shows live and the blunders that they make... It makes it all that little bit funnier. Plus, you get to see Kate Moss counting down the hours, and we all love a bit of Kate Moss... Well, I do. It's on until Midday tomorrow so check it out!

Watch out for tomorrow's blog post - my Sunday wish list. Figured I should write my productive posts, but whilst my university work piles up, I'll just post various things (not necessarily clothes!) that I reaaaaally want to buy but can't as I have no pennies. It was going to be a Saturday thing, but I've had to start my first post again because it featured a pale pink midi pleated skirt from UO, which has now sold out. BOOO! If anyone knows what skirt I mean and see it in the shop, PLEASE let me know. (:

In other news, Primark has failed me slightly. It had to happen one day - I was used to hate the place, then it got really good... So it was bound to fail me again! After seeing Lily's post showing her purple pleated skirt, I knew I HAD to buy it. Unfortunately, a 10 was wayyyy too small for me (even though that's my size!) so I bought a 12. Just so happens, the skirt doesn't fit my figure very well anyway. The pleats stick out, giving me right-angled hips. Not a good look. Also bought some navy chinos for £12, which fit me well but the material is horrid. I hate the sort that catches every little bit of dust so it looks like you never wash them. BYE BYE CLOTHES. I did manage to buy 2 necklaces for £1.50 each though, so there was light at the end of the Primarni tunnel!

(Very hard to give these justice through an iPhone)

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03 March 2011

could have had it all

Shirt: Forever 21
Chinos: Topshop
Boots: Topshop

I was always a bit apprehensive when I bought these chinos... I had to buy them from the Tall section because I didn't want them too short. Starting to love them more now I've bought some black pumps and the weather's getting slightly warmer now. I feel like I'm in the army when I wear my boots with them!

The fashion world has gone a bit mad lately...
1. John Galliano, Dior's creative director, has been sacked... All I see is mixed reactions over this - either it serves him right and Dior made the right decision, or they jumped the gun way too quickly and firing him was a step too far. Then the issue of who will take his place and whether they will live up to the expectations... If Dior will keep their spark without Galliano. My thoughts? Dior will be absolutely fine without him... and he can pick himself up with his designer label (despite his show being cancelled...)! You can see my two posts about him on Silhouette - HERE and THERE.

2. Lady Gaga walked the plank... Erm, I mean catwalk, for Mugler at Paris Fashion Week. Personally, I can't stand her... but she did suit the show (well, considering her stylist is Nicola Formichetti, one of Mugler's designers, she would do). She certainly did bring a certain edge to the catwalk, and anyone who can walk in towering platforms deserves some credit - CHECK OUT THE SIZE OF THEM HEELS!

Photos via Daily Mail

3. Apparently, Primark are losing sales. It's one of the cheapest fast fashion stores around, and with the current recession still intact, it's pretty unbelievable. For the last few years, I've pretty much hated Primark, but lately I've actually been willing to go in there myself and even BUY stuff! It's got a lot better since then, yet the sales are dropping? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me, but I can't imagine the store closing anytime soon anyway.

And one last thing, check out my little post about H&M joining forces with Fashion Against Aids HEREEE.

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01 March 2011

i've got the superhero look...

A while ago, I posted about MAC's new Wonder Woman collection. Selfridges have now released the makeup before MAC, itself, on their website... So if you haven't checked it out yet, go do so now (or when the shop is open...)

Whenever I go home for a weekend, I always find myself wandering about Birmingham's Bullring, dragging my heavy suitcase around each shop until I really have to catch the train home. I caught myself doing the same thing on Friday and couldn't resist popping into Selfridges to check out the new range of colourful makeup.

Outside the third floor, you notice cartoon-like images leading the way to the Wonder Woman section of the store. You look up to find two gorgeous women in platform heels, scraped back hair and the entire makeup collection plastered on their faces. If anything, it put me off going over a little bit as I looked a bit of a mess! Nonetheless, lashings of bright colours draw you in and soon enough I found myself seated in front of an assistant who was offering to show me the makeup.

With the glitter pots and eyeshadow quads staring at me, (yes, they were), I asked how to apply the glitter onto my eyelids. The girl chose a silvery base colour, adding a blue shade of eyeshadow on top, before applying the silver glitter. I never did find out how to actually apply it - I guess I'll have to remember how the brushes felt on my eyelid and figure it out myself! Plus, glitter was allllll over my face afterwards, which I wasn't best pleased with as she didn't offer me a tissue to wipe it off.

(apologies for the awful quality - it was taken on my iPhone!)

I needed some new volumising mascara, since my trusty Benefit Bad Gal mascara is way out of date. The assistant put some black mascara on my lashes, just so I could make sure it's good enough to replace my other one. You can't tell on the photo, but I was pretty impressed with it... So I bought it.

It hasn't failed me yet - it lengthens my eyelashes, stays on all night and isn't clumpy or hard to apply. Yay! Definite recommendation with the mascara... Not so much the eyeshadows and glitter though.

Have you had your make-up done by the MAC specialists? Bought anything from the collection that I haven't mentioned? What do you think of it? :)

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