29 April 2011

I do!

I'm not going to write a lot about the Royal wedding... Let's face it, even if you don't really like the Royal family, guaranteed the majority, if not all, of you have watched at least a little bit of the day!

Seriously though... How flipping beautiful does Kate look?!

Photo via BBC News

Seeing Kate in the Alexander McQueen number, with intricate French Chantilly lace sleeves and fitted bodice, made me pretty speechless to be honest. Definitely the perfect choice for the bride.

I've always hoped that it'd be McQueen or Westwood... and as soon as Sarah Burton was spotted going into the Goring Hotel where the bride was staying last night, it seemed pretty obvious.

Did anyone see Prince William's face when he was walking down the aisle before the ceremony? He was trying hard not to smile but could barely contain himself. N'awww. Not so sure about him not wearing a ring though... Seems a bit odd to me!

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27 April 2011

Elf's Lengthening and Volumizing Mascara

Courtesy of the Daily Mirror, I was sent a mascara to test out and review for their newspaper.

They sent me Elf's Lengthening and Volumizing mascara.

My eyelashes are naturally long anyway, but I love to volumise them and add extra length. I love my eyes because they're big so this mascara did just the trick...

I can definitely tell the difference - they look longer than usual. It was a little bit awkward to apply. It felt like it was already quite dry when I was applying it but after a few brushes, it started to make a good effect.

For £3.50, I would recommend it over and over again. I've bought so many mascaras lately but they never work for me. They're either clumpy, don't lengthen or volumise as much as I'd like, the mascara doesn't dry so it wipes alllll over my face... This one doesn't. Yes, it may dry a bit too quickly, but overall it hasn't gone wrong for me, and for that price I have no complaints.

You can buy the mascara HEREEE (:

Any mascaras you recommend??

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24 April 2011

Sunday Wish List 08

I was really struggling for a wishlist today... but then Chloe introduced me to Aldo's new season sandals and wedges and now I reaaaaally want a pair! I always forget to check Aldo when it comes to shoe shopping... I hear such great things about them but I never remember the brand exists (is this a crime against shoes?!). My gladiator sandals are a good few years old and could do with replacing this summer, and I've wanted a pair of summer wedges since last year... Now, I think I've found the ones I want (or 5...)!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

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23 April 2011

on the floor

Top: H&M
Skirt: eBay
Sandals: Faith

Had a busy couple of days due to my boyfriend's 21st birthday. We went to the driving range (and I was rubbish), followed by a walk round Stourport-on-Severn and had a go on the arcades, reliving our childhood! Then Nandos, where my mouth was on fire after eating an extra hot chicken wing during Wing Roulette (keep in mind, I usually have it plain, so bleurgh!) and a night out in Worcester where I got too drunk and got lost for ages... then everyone got CS gassed in one of the rooms in the club. I wasn't there but everyone ran out and were coughing everywhere (must admit, was tempted to write 'chundering', but that wouldn't be exactly true). It was eventful to say the least.

Now? I'm home alone for 12 days whilst my parents are on holiday. Waaa! I hate being in the house on my own, especially when it's nighttime. I'm such a wimp. The boyfriend is coming over tonight though and I'm cooking some fooood... He has no idea what I'm making so I hope he likes my idea!

Might do a little photo post of my adventures sometime in the week (: For once, I've actually been pretty busy and making the most of the sunshine. I need to catch up on uni work though... Time is ticking and I haven't done much since I got home! Oopsie.

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20 April 2011


The lovely Calypso from Clippy London sent me this Clippy make-up bag and I just couldn't resist to tell you all about it...

I absolutely LOVE this bag! As you can see, it fits all my essentials in there perfectly. I love the clashing colours of pink and green, along with the choice of decorating it with various images, so your design is personal to you.

You can even customise your bag for free on the website. You choose the bag you want to order and upload the images you want printed. You choose whereabouts you want each image on your bag, along with cropping them so you don't have to worry about whether they fit in the slot! It's seriously that easy! I was very impressed with how quick it was to use - definitely makes life a little bit easier, so your bag is customised to how you want it without the hassle.

I was very pleased with the look of the bag and the quality of the images. The website gave me a warning explaining how the quality may not be as good due to the specific images I was uploading, so I was completely aware. They look great to me though :)

I haven't stopped using this bag since I received it - it's definitely worth the money. It makes a great birthday present too :)

Click HEREEE to check out the Clippy collection... or HEREEE to look at the customisation page!

Do any of you own a Clippy bag? What do you think of it?

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19 April 2011

breaking the habit

Top: Primark
Vest (underneath): H&M
Shorts: DIY
Tights: Primark
Brogues: River Island

I've decided to do little updates on a certain habit that I'm trying to break. I bite my nails. (cue "ewwww"). I have done this allll my life, I've tried stopping a million times but somehow my nails end up in my mouth and they disappear within 10 seconds. BLEURGH. I go through phases of wearing false nails, but it costs a bomb trying to keep that going. I get so jealous of the girls with nice, long nails, who can paint their nails all different colours and patterns... So now I'm determined to grow mine. Writing about this on here might help me break the habit - I'd rather feel proud than embarrassed from now on, and posting photos of my progress will hopefully achieve that!

So, here we go...

(see, I told you - BLEURGH
proud of my second thumb nail though! yay)

The second finger nail is a prime example of what my nails have looked like for years. No kidding. I've been teased about them at school, getting so embarrassed that I sometimes curl my hands into fists so no one sees them. As you can see, they are slowly growing at the moment, but I have had my moment of weakness with the second nail. Using Rimmel's Stronger nail care and the worst tasting nail stuff I've ever used, they're reappearing... But I have a trusty set of false nails just in case another nail goes missing!

For other news, it's the boyfriend's 21st birthday on Thursday... I'd tell you what I got him but then he'd find out too! We're off for a family meal on Wednesday night, followed by a day out (yet to be confirmed where!), Nandos and a night out in Worcester. Seriously dreading the hangover already!

Last but not least, check out my new post on Groupon's City Blog, naming my top 5 beauty bloggers (: CLICK HEREEE.

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17 April 2011

Sunday Wish List 07

There's one thing I've been craving to own for ages now... I thought I got over my obsession, but it turns out I reaaaally haven't!

The Cambridge Satchel Company sell these amazing bags. Starting from £74, you have a choice of different sizes and colours, making your decision so much more difficult! They've even released new flourescent coloured satchels. If I had the money, I'd be ordering the pink or yellow one right this second!

You can check out their entire range HEREEE!

If anyone wants to buy me one of these bags, please feel free ;)

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15 April 2011

it's supernatural.

(I'm wearing a camel coloured vest underneath the lace top - just so you know!)
Outfit: All Topshop!
Brogues: River Island

Don't you just hate it when you look in the sale and spot some of your recently purchased clothes? My entire outfit has been in the Topshop sale, all in my size too... Sods law.

Anyway! Where's the sun gone all of a sudden? We all got into the summer mood and now the typical English weather has come back to haunt us all. Booo. I refuse to switch back to my winter wardrobe so fingers crossed the sunshine appears again soon... Not too much though - I hate having uni deadlines when it's nice outside!

I'm officially home from university for Easter/for good, so I've spend all of today clearing out my wardrobe and chest of drawers, getting rid of unworn clothes so I can fit everything in. I filled 1 small suitcase, 1 holdall and 1 weekend bag... and I still had to leave some in Sheffield. I'm not sure how I managed to collect so many clothes! The charity shops are going to LOVE me next week when they receive all this.

One last thing: Check out my new post on Groupon's city blog HEREEE! (:

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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13 April 2011

Bobbi Brown

A similar post to last weeks - I've been make-up crazy lately!

Not so long ago, I booked an appointment with someone at Bobbi Brown in House of Fraser to find out tips and advice on skin care and make-up.

After over an hour (yes, it took that long!), I was shown many products which I can use to help my dry skin and to match my skin tone. These were...

Cleansing Oil
Hydrating Face Cream
Hydrating Face Tonic
EXTRA Soothing Balm
Foundation Stick in Sand (2)
Sheer Finish Pressed Powder in Soft Sand (5)
Shimmer Blush in Coral (3)

Natural Brow Shaper in Clear
Eye Shadow (for eyebrows) in Birch
Eye Shadows in Navajo (base colour and lower lid)
Eye Shadow in Wheat (for the crease to add depth and colour)
Eye Shadow in Khaki (used as an eyeliner)
Everything Mascara in Black
Metallic Lip Color in Baby Peach

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the finished look :( I was really pleased with it though! Despite the amount of products used, none of them felt heavy on my face. The look was subtle and natural-looking, which was what I was aiming for. Obviously, the prices were a bit high for a broke student, like myself. However, the way I felt after the makeover, I can easily say that most of the products are worth the price. You really do get what you pay for.

After much consideration, I decided to buy the lipstick. (I felt slightly rude just buying the lipstick, since it was the last thing they used -and the cheapest-!)

Again, this feels really light on my lips but lasts a long time. It's pretty much kept in my handbag all the time now (:

Have you used any of Bobbi Brown's products before? Any recommendations? :)

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12 April 2011

who likes short shorts?

Vest: Ark Clothing
Shorts: Topshop jeans (DIYed)
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: ASOS

I've FINALLY stopped being lazy and created my own pair of shorts (: I've been meaning to do this for ages but always put it off because all but 2 pairs of jeans no longer fit me. I've now decided that I hardly ever wear a certain pair of jeans, and they were the exact shade of denim that I wanted my shorts in... so I got the pair of scissors out!

(I honestly do fit in them - they're not ironed straight so the zip is on show! Also, the legs look wonky... which they were. Adjusted them now so will renew this photo later!)

I absolutely love how they look. I didn't want them too short, so I didn't feel uncomfortable or anything... and decided to keep the end of the fabric loose so it frays. If you fancy customising an old pair of jeans into a new pair of shorts, check out Gem's Tuesday tip!

This is my last week of university. EVER. I've already had my last seminar but I've got so much work to do and deadlines in May, it hasn't sunk in yet. I'm going home on Thursday so I'm trying to balance uni work, blogging and packing all in the next 2 days! I'm going to be running round like a headless chicken... but I'm so tired, I just want to sleep! Anyone else finishing uni this year and stressing like me??

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10 April 2011

Sunday Wish List 06

Summer's here! Or at least for the time-being until the typical British weather catches up with us again. Either way, I'm starting to get my summer wardrobe out... And it's always nice to own a new summer dress, don't you think?

New Look / Topshop / Matalan / Primark (in store only)

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08 April 2011

kitty brainzzz

T-shirt: Drop Dead Clothing
Skirt: H&M
Belt: Primark
Tights: Henry Holland at Tights Please
Booties: Topshop
Scrabble rings: eBay and VIPXO

I've had this t-shirt for over a year and I think this is the fifth time I've worn it. I think it's cute and very different to what I usually wear, but because I'm not used to wearing tight tees, it hasn't been put to good use. Quick decision made - I dug it out of the wardrobe and cut the neckline, making it a bit looser. Looking closely, I didn't cut it very well (zig zags all over the place!) but I'm happy with it now and will definitely wear it more often! I'm sure my boyfried (who bought it me) will be happy to know that ;) Teamed it with my black bodycon and a pink belt to add a splash of colour to it!

Also decided to add to my scrabble ring collection with an M (my surname initial, if you didn't know). Bought it from Victoria and I'm very happy with it (:

Yesterday could be classed as an end of an era for me (like Monica and Rachel). Apart from the odd day or two in May, it was the last day that all of my housemates, including myself, were in the house together. This can only mean one thing = UNI IS NEARLY OVER! I'm undecided whether I'm happy or sad by this fact... I've always said I can't wait to get out of Sheffield, but I have a feeling that once I'm out of there completely, I'll miss it. I refuse to say goodbye to anyone yet... Technically we still have over a month left ;) Anyway, me and the girls went out for lunch yesterday, which was lovely because we haven't done that in ages.

(Cajun chicken burger, curly fries, a million onion rings AND garlic bread? I'm a fatty)

Now, I'm home for the weekend in order to avoid my next door neighbour and his god-awful music blasting through my bedroom wall! I'm a big wimp when it comes to nighttime, darkness and being in the house on my own. So instead of dealing with it, I'm now home - taking photos, doing uni work and making cheesecake, nom nom.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend (:

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06 April 2011

see the 'Benefit's...

This week is more of an overview of Benefit products than a review (:

I was casually walking around Boots one day, minding my own business... Then suddenly a dolled-up woman introduces herself and asks me if I want to try out any Benefit products.

I couldn't resist.

As I was sat down for half an hour, she gave me a make-over (over the original make-up I had on... Wise move). I was introduced to these products...

Girl Meets Pearl - liquid pearl
A lovely alternative to That Gal primer - I actually prefer it more!
Play Sticks - foundation in Paper Dolls
So easy to apply and touch up your make-up throughout the day.
Erase Paste - concealer
Brighten up under your eyes and add a bit more coverage to the places you want 'erased'.
Sugarbomb - face powder
A mix of 4 shades of blusher and bronzer, so you can choose a certain shade for one day, or go for the whole mixture in one go for another.
Brow Zings - eyebrow shaping kit
First time I've ever added more definition to my eyebrows - a cute kit including brushes and tweezers and browny colours for your brows.
Ultra Shines lipgloss - Nookie Nookie
It faded away a bit quickly, but felt really nice on my lips at the time.

The result?

(messy hair!)

I did love the look, although my face felt a bit 'wet'. Every time I had an itch on my face, some of the foundation would rub off on my hands. I could have done with some powder to create more of a matte finish. I did apply some after I left and my face felt great afterwards.

I did love the foundation though, especially with the added extra of Tea Tree Oil so it helps your skin as well as covers it. I loved it that much, I ended up buying it ;) With a powder on top, it really looks and feels great on your skin. You don't need to use much of it either, and because it's a stick you can pop it in your handbag for the times you need a quick touch-up. (:

Check out your nearest Benefit counter and see what they have to offer. You don't need to feel obliged to buy anything afterwards (even though I did end up spending some monies), but just test them out and learn how to apply them successfully! I've learnt some good tips on how to apply things that I already own (such as the Dallas bronzer, which is used the same way as Sugarbomb). (:

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